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Clean Up and Go Green without ever leaving your home or office

 In today’s disposable world, everything we depend on electronically from cell phones to computer monitors is on a fast track to obsolescence from the minute we turn it on.   And, once the 2.0 version comes along, you can’t just throw yesterday’s technology into the trash, because in  Illinois it’s against the law!

 We know how frustrating it can be to recycle televisions, computers and other household electronics, especially when most communities require you to get a permit and transport your recyclable equipment to the dump or pay for a bulk pick-up.

 Well, those days are over as soon as you contact Illinois Recycling Services.  Simply contact us to schedule an appointment to pick your materials up and rest assured your equipment will be recycled properly.  We at Illinois Recycling Servicesonly use R2/ISO certified processors.  Simply click below on the big red button and let us know what materials you need properly recycled.

What We Recycle

·        Desktop PCs/Laptops

·        CRT/LCD Monitors and Televisions (Recycling Fees Apply)

·        Peripherals (Printers, Scanners, Keyboards, etc.)

·        Landline/Cell Phones and Stereo Equipment

·        All Batteries, Cables, Connectors and Adapters

·        Media (CDs, Floppy/Encased Diskettes, Storage Tape, etc.)

·        Microwaves and Small Appliances

·        VCR’s DVD and CD players.



Illinois Recycling Services is a full service residential & B2B recycler.  Specializing in TV recycling as well as scrap computers, appliances and all other electronics devices.  Nationwide pickup service available with curbside residential services available in the Chicagoland area.